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Recently I discussed how I was inspired to change the way I was writing my book by this series. I’d now like to review these amazing books:

Loki’s Wolves is the first installment in this stunning series. Matt Thorsen has always known his family was special. They’re descendants of Thor and they pretty much rule his hometown, Blackwell, South Dakota. When his grandfather breaks the news that Matt will be the replacement of Thor in Ragnarok, a great battle from Norse mythology, he’s sure that there’s a mistake. However, with the help of the two descendants of Loki, cousins Fen and Laurie, Matt just might be able to save the world – and prove to himself and his family how special he is.

Odin’s Ravens is the second book in this great series. Since starting out on a mission to save the world, Matt, Fen, and Laurie have battled trolls, gained help from Valkyries (warrior women), and made friendships. Now, though, their hardest task so far arises, the three must travel to the Underworld to rescue a friend and recruit an ancient god to their side. When they escape, they will have to find Thor’s hammer, Mjolnor, the replacement for Odin, and defeat the Raiders group. Along with all of that, comes a stunning revelation that will shake Matt’s faith in not only his duty, but his family.

This was a hilarious and amazingly written series that I highly recommend! I can’t wait to read the third book! Thanks to K. L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr, the brilliant authors. Without them, I would never have fixed my book, as well as found out more about Norse mythology. I advise this series for kids eleven and up.

Write on!

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