21 Things to Look For While Revising

I recently found this wonderful list. I think this was a good reminder of what to look out for when editing a manuscript. See for yourself:

Writing and Illustrating

KarinCat in sunThis colorful illustration was sent in by Karen Perrins. Karen illustrates childrens books, commissioned greetings cards, book jackets, packaging design and editorial work. She works in watercolor, pastels, oil pastels and printmaking techniques. http://www.karenperrins.com

1. Does your manuscript start with a hook strong enough to draw your reader into the story?

2.  Is the POV consistent in each scene?

3.  Are your characters consistent?

4.  Is your dialogue consistent, too? Ask a friend to read parts of the book with dialogue aloud. Does the speech patterns sound natural or stilted? Is each voice distinctive?

5.  Examine the way the characters respond. Have you developed the character traits and background to support their reaction to the various situations they encounter?

6.  Look at your pacing? Do you need every scene? Are there any scenes that slow the pace down to the point where a reader might put down the book?

7.  Are there…

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2 Responses to 21 Things to Look For While Revising

  1. Kathy Temean says:


    Thanks for the reblog. Hope it helps some of your friends.

    If that your picture in your banner?


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