Monday Excerpt

Here’s a lengthy bit of my writing for you to enjoy. Tell me what you think:

“Alright, so here’s the principal’s office.”

Zack’s head snapped back up.

“Oh, yeah…thanks.”

He shrugged and walked in. The principal looked up and smiled.

“Oh yes! Zack Hues! I remember. Sit down!”

Smiling weakly, Zack did so.

“Well, well. I am glad you got here!”

Pulling open his drawer, he grabbed a key inside.

“This is for your room,” he said, handing it to Zack. “You’re right by a room with two girls. I hope they don’t make too much noise.”

Zack shrugged. “I’m used to it, my big sis plays music all the time in her room.”

His mind flashed back to the last moment he’d seen his family waving to him as the bus rode away.

“Yes, well then you should be prepared!” The principal leaned forward. “You know, these classes are very odd and special. I think you chose well.”

Zack looked up, startled. “What kind of”-

The principal cut him off. He smiled and leaned back.

“You’ll see in due time, Zack. This is not your average school, I want you to understand.”

A girl came, her hair a strawberry blonde, appeared looking bored.

“Come on, let’s go to your room.”

Zack was led down a hallway, where kids varying from three to eighteen stood at lockers. Some smiled, but others just turned back to their lockers.

“Here’s your room.”

The girl walked off.


Zack turned back to the room. His jaw dropped open.

Painted in a sky blue color, the room looked like they hung in the sky. The beds themselves appeared to be clouds; hanging in the air, there were soft, plump pillows and blankets of soft material neatly folded on the ends of the clouds. Underneath a desk, an area for storage stood. A huge closet was in the corner, its door three times as tall as Zack. The door was opened, and it looked like a huge walk in closet.

“Hey,” said the voice again.

Zack looked up and saw a boy with floppy brown hair sitting on one of the beds. Fearlessly he swung down, hanging from the cloud. He dropped down and stuck out his hand. “

The name’s Mark.” He grinned and moved back up onto the bed. “So, what are you doing here?”

Zack smiled back and glanced nervously at the beds.

“Long story.”

Mark leaned over the side. “I’m all ears.”

Zack shrugged and tried to lug the suitcases and duffel bag around, but a chattering, red monkey swooped up and took them, flying through the air on tiny wings.

“His name’s Chister.” Mark held out his arm for the monkey, who had finished putting away everything. “He keeps up our room. All of the rooms have one.”

He pulled the monkey off, and it flew into a small house, that looked like a cuckoo clock.

“So…why’d you decide to come here?”

Zack grinned and quickly scrambled up onto his bed.

“Well, my parents told me that I was lagging behind in school, for some odd reason weird things were happening. So I was told I had to move school. My older sister…” He winced and continued. “Well she told me this would be the best school, and my parents agreed, most definitely. So here I am.”

Zack leaned back onto the pillow and sighed. “But they never mentioned this.”

A large bell sounded and Mark groaned. He swung down and the monkey peeked out and made an annoyed face.

“What’s that?”

Mark pulled Zack down.

“It’s the school bell! We need to go to class!”

The noise emanated from somewhere outside their room, but Zack could hear it as clearly as if it was right by his ear. The two boys ran out.

“What’s class?”

Mark grinned and ran faster, calling over his shoulder, “You’ll see!”

Shrugging, Zack followed, and soon found himself in the midst of a courtyard. A fountain quietly poured water out, and the sun shed some golden light into the quad. The bong sounded again and he hurried toward a room where people poured in. A boy with silver-white hair beckoned towards Zack then vanished inside. Grinning, Zack entered. It was a long hall, and kids poured into a classroom. Mark sat near the front and beckoned for Zack to come and sit beside him.

“Mark, how much do you know about this school?”

Mark turned with a grin.

“Oh, right. So this school has been around for centuries. They’ve been breeding amazing people. People like Einstein and Mark Twain to hone their magical abilities. Trust me, you wouldn’t believe what you’ll learn here. Best part of it all? You’re descended from one of them.”

Zach gave Mark a strange look.

“It’s true, man, I swear! But, hey, if you don’t believe me, your loss. You’re the one that’s got to believe it.”


So what do you think? Chime in and divulge your inner editor!

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