Monday Excerpt

And now I present to you the circus scene from my book. My Pop says it paints a vivid visual picture, so I hope you are inspired when you read this:


He turned to se his mother entering the big top tent. Jack hurriedly followed. As they settled into their seats, the lights dimmed. A spotlight flicked on, illuminating a man. His white hair was stuck in wild tufts and face creased in a permanent smile. His eyes twinkled, changing color with every twitch of his eye. His eyes shifted to scan the audience. When he spotted Jack, his eyes crinkled.

“Inventors and wonderers, welcome. To all who dare to dream, I extend my hand in greeting. And for those who sneaked in with out paying, get out!”

There were a few chuckles.

“And now for the show. Welcome to my traveling Carnival of Myth!”

He threw his hands down and smoke filled the tent. When it cleared there was a floating pool of water. Thick cables held the glass basin up. Within, two shapes swirled. In a burst of sparkling drops, two mermaids leapt out of the water. Music blared from unseen speakers as a line of lights- no, pixies –lit the arena. The audience cheered as the illuminated tent was filled with caws and screeches. A phoenix swooped low and circles the sawdust, creating a tower of flame. Through it stepped Mr. Wonder, his grin wider than ever.

“Let the real show begin!” He boomed.


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2 Responses to Monday Excerpt

  1. Excellent! You’ve painted a very vivid, lively picture! Keep up the good work.

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