Show Biz

My father recently bought us a new computer and a camera for filming. He bought a program for movie effects and is willing to pay for lessons on how to use it. Now that we’ve got the equipment, there’s a couple things we must learn:

Screenwriting is a new type of writing that I’m enjoying maneuvering. It’s fun writing words that my siblings and friends will be reciting. It’s also fun being in charge of how the story flows. Any advice from those who have written for the screen will be very useful

Filming’s a hard feat to manage, especially with action shots. We’re learning to manage with every type of shot and filming shots more than once. Are there any helpful tips you can offer on that point?

Last but not least, we’ve all got to become better actors. If you’ve watched “Super Eight” (which I will be reviewing this Friday) or home-made films before, you know that getting good actors can be very hard, especially when you don’t have a wide variety of people to choose from.

With all this equipment to film a movie, it’s going to be fun figuring out what we’ll be filming!


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