The Writing Files: Boys, Girls, and Perspective

Today, I’d like to discuss some of the problems that challenge me as a writer. Any input or feedback is welcome.

Perspective is key in writing. Creating an understandable view from which to experience the story is an important part of your book. When writing, I find it easy to write from a girl’s perspective. After all, I am a girl. However, my next book happens to be from a guy’s perspective. This is a big change from my last book. Whereas the main character was a girl in a fairtyale(ish) world, this is a teen boy in modern times. It’s kind of hard writing from that perspective.

I made a point of re-reading books I know where guys are the main characters and took some pointers from those. Tui T. Sutherland’s The Menagerie was especially helpful as the genre happens to be a lot alike mine and it gave me the chance to get a feel for my own story’s theme. Still, I’m having to find the balance while writing.

Your thoughts? I’d be grateful if any writers or bystanders would share their opinions.

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2 Responses to The Writing Files: Boys, Girls, and Perspective

  1. Many male writers have written from girls’s and women’s perspectives for centuries without doubting they could do it. Do not worry, you’ll find your voice as you get to know your character better. It really depends of what kind of guy your protagonist is. The same applies for girls characters anyway. The choice of vocabulary and verbs in the dialogues depends of the character’s personality more than gender. Reading other books can help you. Look at what John Green did with The Fault in Our Stars. He didn’t hesitate to write from a girl’s perpective and did a wonderful job. In Wonder the writer writes from a yong boy’s point of view. So all is possible as long as you know your character well. Good luck!

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