Monday Excerpt

Here’s a little piece of what I’m working on:

Callie gasped as a balloon popped and an egg fell to the ground. When the cloud of sawdust cleared, Jack saw the crack. The rough, almost dirt-like in color egg had a long thin line that snaked around the side. When Jack prodded it, steam rose. Whatever was inside of that egg, it was soon coming out. All in the tent watched in fascination, frozen in shock as the egg grew an alarming shade of red. Before he knew what he was doing, Jack dragged Callie back, throwing himself more towards the egg just as it exploded.

“Jack!” Callie quavered.

Jack popped open one eye and sat up. Within the shattered remains of the egg, was a gooey lump. A sour taste filled Jack’s mouth until the bundle started moving. The white goop was torn apart and a baby creature emerged. Or, something more like a baby dragon. Green scales covered his body, the only other color being from the gold in his eyes.

“You’re beautiful,” Callie whispered reverently.

The dragon ignored her, its gaze fixed on Jack.

“Uh…Callie,” Jack warned.

The dragon curled up against Jack and made a sound like purring. Jack slowly allowed himself to touch the dragon, his brain following hesitantly. He was touching a baby dragon.

“Hey, little guy,” Jack grinned.

The baby dragon opened its mouth, a small, forked tongue protruding as he yawned.

“Come here!” Callie cooed.

She reached out and the dragon mewled in fear.

“Its imprinted on you, son,” the carnival hand said to Jack. “It won’t go near her.”

Callie’s eyes filled with tears and she rushed out of the tent, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson following. Guilt stabbed Jack in the chest. The dragon licked Jack’s chin and left his skin with a searing sensation. Even though he felt bad, Jack had to admit it: he liked the dragon. He glanced down and the dragon’s gold eyes glimmered.


What do you think?

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