Thursdays With the Crown

Jessica Day George stuns the literary world as she once again produces a stunning book featuring Celie, Rolf, Lilah, and all the other memorable cast of her “castle” series:

One moment Celie was in Sleyne. The next moment she’s in a strange land, where a man who calls himself the Arkower coldly rules. Although he’s their only hope of shelter and food, Celie doesn’t trust him, especially when she discovers he’s hiding secrets and more griffins. With Lulah having bonded to his own griffin and another egg having been found, the friends have no choice but to find help. But in this strange world of mixed up wizards, poisoned lakes, and magic spells, can Celie find the way to get home, without bringing harm to her family?

Wonderfully written and hilariously funny, Jessica Day George proves herself to be a masterful storyteller and a colorful character.

Have you read this series? And if so, who’s your favorite character?

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2 Responses to Thursdays With the Crown

  1. Ooo… can’t wait to dig into this latest book!

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