Monday Excerpt

Here’s what I have for you today:

Samuel Woodlock strolled lazily into the meeting room of the Night Owl Writers’ Club. He sat and drew his pipe out of his pocket. The other members smoked in silence: Daniel O’ Conner, John Roald Marque, Mark Hues, Nicholas Hemming, Charles Earl, Frank Languires, Rolf Dahl, and Rodney O’ Neal. Samuel lit his pipe and slowly inhaled the hazy scents. Finally, O’Conner leaned forward.

“So my men,” he began in a friendly tone. “You have any new stories?”

Most shook their head. Rodney sighed.

“No. Where would we get inspiration in these dry times?”

The men nodded in agreement. Samuel casually relit his pipe.

“Oh, not so dry.”

The rest of the company stared at him.

“Then you have a story?”

Charles asked incredulously. Samuel shook his head.

“An experience.”

The others leaned forward eagerly. “I call it ‘The Star of Egypt’…”


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