Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination

If I have not made my sentiments known before, I’ll make it clear: I am not a lover of research papers. In writing this year’s paper, I made sure to choose a subject I am more enthusiastic about, rather than frogs or stars. I chose to write a persuasive argument on how Walt Disney impacted the entertainment business. To help me, I picked up this wonderful book that I felt I must share.

Walt Disney inspired America. He brought joy to the world. Even now, after his death,

Walt Disney's Disneyland

Walt Disney’s Disneyland

he’s making millions happy. From humble beginnings, to driving an ambulance in World War I, to creating Oswald, the predecessor to Mickey, Walt’s story is truly one of perseverance, determination, and losses. 

Written beautifully by Bill Scollon,  Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination is a book for all  dreamers, artists, and people who’ve ever asked “how” when they visited a Disney park.

Chime time: How does Walt Disney inspire you?

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2 Responses to Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination

  1. He inspires me to remember youth, no matter your age; to always find those moments which bring you joy and remind you of being a kid.

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