The Writing Files: Punching Bag

After two runs of Wednesday Words, it’s time to bring back another round of the Writing Files! Today I review something that’s critical in developing a character.

Everyone has a punching bag. I don’t mean this literally. I mean, everyone’s got a way to let their emotions out. For some, it’s a literal punching bag. For others, like me, it’s talking the problem out or just doing something else to keep my mind occupied. Part of what makes a person is how they decide to take their emotions out. It gives them a mature or immature look to them. When creating a form for my character, I’ve started to add a line for the character’s “punching bag”, just like I did with the critical flaw. The more creative I get with these solutions, the more unique the character!

Chime time: What unique “punching bag” have you read about?

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