Monday Excerpt

Here’s what I have for ya’ll today, in view of the winter season:

The cold bit Zack’s nose and cheeks as he hurried across the campus square. Inside the dining hall, the clatter of students feasting and talking greeted him.

“Zack! Over here!”

He turned to see Mark sitting at the table with Secret and China. Zack plastered on a smile, despite wanting to crawl under a table and never wake up. Last night’s escapades had left him stretched thin. Secret cast him a suspicious look as he said in an overly cheery voice:

“What’s up?”

Mark pushed a box of hot pizza towards him.

“Thought you might be late, so we got some food for you,” he grinned.

Zack took a cheesy piece with unconcealed relief.

“Thanks,” he said gratefully.

At the table next to them, a couple of kids started singing Christmas carols. Although it was only the beginning of December, the others joined in enthusiastically. As the singing rose to its peak, Zack felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he saw Secret’s beaming face.

“We’re always here, Zack,” Mark said.

Zack reached over to bump fists with his friend.

“Stuck together like glue,” he agreed.

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