The Writing Files: Style Guide

Today I talk about style. What is style? And what makes someone’s style unique? I’d like to hear back from you on what you think about this subject:

Style has many meanings. The first thing that may leap to mind is a fashion magazine or the latest trends. However, a writing style is a whole different ballgame. Writers become known for something. For Gail Carson Levine, she was known for bringing a fresh look to the world of fairytales. For Agatha Christie, brilliant and suspenseful mysteries. For C.S. Lewis, his creative way of retelling the Scriptures became a phenomenon.

While these stories all were original and well-loved by readers today, part of what makes the story good is the writing itself. Every writer develops a way of writing things and it can become noticeable. And like art, the style is usually developed following the example of another writer. With writing this is a little more problematic, so the best suggestion is to admire, but not copy.

What do you think makes a good writing style?

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2 Responses to The Writing Files: Style Guide

  1. It’s hard to distinguish style from voice. For me the voice comes from the characters and the style is the writer’s unique way of writing. With the nouns, adjectives, verbs, and everything in between, that fill our dictionaries, we’ve got to make sentences. To say the same thing, none of us will build the exact same sentence. I don’t know if it helps the conversation but I like your post anyway. See you!

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