Monday Excerpt

Today I start my new schedule. Yay! Any miscellaneous ramblings I happen to spout out while typing will be posted here. Here’s todays little tidbit:

It was a clammy day, the kind of day that was supposed to come in the middle of July. It was October. The beach shores were surprisingly vacant, for no one wanted to sit in the hot sun. Up on the hill, a glass tower shimmered in the noonday heat. Within the walls, a tall figure peered out at the town. His town. He smiled.

“Prepare my car,” he barked at an approaching assistant.

The bumbling man dipped his head respectfully and trotted away. Turning back to his window, the man smirked. Such a trivial thing, a human life. With one stroke he could extinguish it. He fingered the massive globe beside him and in his shadow, it became awash in the color scarlet. The color of blood.

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2 Responses to Monday Excerpt

  1. Will we get more next Monday? Thank you for sharing your creativity.

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