Lizzie Learns to Fly

Recently sent to me by a lovely author, The Adventures of Lizzi A Toy Fox Terrier was wonderful:

Lizzi wants to fly, but no one can teach her. No one knows how! Not bear with his strong muscles, not frog with his jumping abilities, not rabbit who hops from place to place, not raccoon, nor chipmunk. Who can teach her to fly?

Written by Vickie Sizemore, Lizzi Learns to Fly is a wonderful book for younger readers. Kids will enjoy the fun nature of all these animals, especially Lizzi herself! I may be thirteen, but I enjoy children’s picture books and I certainly enjoyed the colorful illustrations and simple message of this wonderful book.

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5 Responses to Lizzie Learns to Fly

  1. Thank you Little Reader Book Reviews for this wonderful review-I am happy you enjoyed the book!

  2. Reblogged this on Children's Book – The Adventures of Lizzi -A Toy Fox Terrier and commented:
    Just received this wonder review from Little Reader Book Reviews! Just a feel good day!

  3. Picture books are great, regardless of the age of the reader. Glad you are still reading them and enjoying them too.

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