Chronicles of Château Moines

Recently one of the lovely ladies who I follow asked me if I would like to review her book.  I recently finished it and would like to share my thoughts with all of my readers:

Chateâu Moines is a small town in the romantic country of France. Sylvie Pottier lived there her whole life; Scott just moved there from America. While not as big as Paris, Chateâu Moines always seemed big enough for Sylvie, who enjoys writing song lyrics to express her own life. For Scott, Chateâu Moines couldn’t be smaller, being vastly different in comparison to his old home in Santa Monica, California. When Sylvie and Scott begin to forge a friendship, they discover new revelations and old secrets.

Wonderfully written and original, I commend Evelyne Holingue for a beautiful story and a lovely plot. I would recommend this book for readers twelve and up.

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3 Responses to Chronicles of Château Moines

  1. You are too kind, Little Reader, for reviewing my novel. I appreciate the time you spent reading the story and of course I am pleased to see that you’ve enjoyed it. Thank you for leaving enough suspense, so anyone interested won’t know of the plot details.

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