The Writing Files: Fan Fiction

This Wednesday, I approach ya’ll with a little post on writing fan fiction. You’d be surprised how much there is to learn:

There have been many times when I’ve written or read fan fiction. People, writers or not, want to create their own stories centering around characters they like. The problem is, there have been many, many fan fiction stories. Anything you do isn’t going to be totally and completely original.

One of the main problems of fan fiction is that people aren’t always up to date on the latest news. The series may have taken a different turn or added some new characters that they don’t even know about. The best idea is to wait until the series is done and/or read the last book of the collection, so you have an idea on where the author left off.

Writing fan fiction is fun, because it gives people a chance to share adventures that they always wished their favorite books could have featured.

Time to chime in: have you ever written fan fiction? If so, what series was it about and why was it about that series?

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