W. B. Yeats

While working through my required reads, I came across the name of a great poet: William Butler Yeats. I decided to pick up a collection of his poems.

While I tend to read and enjoy most things, I found that Yeats was very much like everything of his day. It also seemed to make no sense. While there are writers who purposefully do this, Yeats just seemed to naturally be doing it. I think I find that other poets, such as Lewis Carroll and Robert Frost, hold my attention more. They’re more  lyrical and their poems tend to be funnier.

What is your favorite poet?

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4 Responses to W. B. Yeats

  1. William Wordsworth is my favourite. I don’t know why, but his poetry has really stuck with me. On that note, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and pretty much any poet from the Romantic Era is good in my books!

  2. Since I grew up in France, my favorite poets are French. I like Baudelaire, Verlaine and Boris Vian a lot, but like you I also like Robert Frost a lot.

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