The Writing Files: Being A Pill III

Have you been hoping for more? Today, I bring you my latest post on being a pillbug. Feel free to read and enjoy:

It starts with a harmless question. “How fast can you type?” or “I won first in this writing competition, what place did you win?” Immediately, your mind leaps and you’re tempted to say a lie. When you shamefully admit that you’re not as high as them, they turn back to whatever they’re doing and say “oh.” Interestingly enough, you begin to beat yourself up about it and about how you should be as good as them. Soon you’ve reached the highest score on the scoreboard trying to beat them, but you want to make sure they never catch up to you.

This dilemma is what I call “the double pill.” At first, it hurts you to be lower and so you beat yourself up. You’re being a pill.  Then, as you finally reach the highest spot, you look down on the person who so harmlessly asked you a question. You’re chewing them out about not helping your self-esteem, despite the fact that you’ve now gone above and beyond what you should be. In the end, someone else  is better than you both and your relationship has taken a bitter turn. This double pill has ruined both of you.

Now I’m not saying that I’ve never done this, because in truth, I have developed a double pill before! However, there’s a simple way to avoid this. Are you ready? It’s called self-confidence. Wait a moment, you might think. Wasn’t that the problem the second time around? Yes, it did end up like that, but it wasn’t because they had too much, it was because they had too little. Having a low opinion of yourself can cause yourself to be prickly when someone else is better than you. That can cause your writing to be very tasteless and cold, something that a good writer doesn’t want to achieve.

Have you ever developed a double pill? Have your kids ever developed a double pill? Tell me how you work around it!

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