The Writing Files: Recess!

Today I unlock the writing files. Once again I’ve got lots to share, this time on kicking back and relaxing:

The Writing Files: Recess!

The Writing Files: Recess!

Everyone’s got to work hard once in a while. No matter your age or job, you will always have that opportunity. Working hard is good, but it can also wear you out. That means it’s time for recess! Not everybody gets a chance to unwind, so it’s a good idea to sneak some time in. In addition to finding the best location to work, you’ve also got to find the perfect spot to release tension. For some people, it’s plucking out tunes on their electric guitar, like my dad. For others, it’s enjoying a good book. Depending on who you are, you might just decide to take a well deserved break for the whole day. Disneyland, here we come! No matter what type of relaxation method you choose, try to employ it daily. It’s good for those rejuvenating your creativity.

Until Friday when we see what you have to say about the Guessing Games…

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2 Responses to The Writing Files: Recess!

  1. I agree. We need to learn the principle of working hard, but use wisdom in knowing when to recharge and enjoy life.

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