Gifts From the Gods

Today’s book review is on a wonderful book that featured one of my favorite subjects: Greek mythology! This is something I enjoyed greatly:

Do you know where the word “arachnid” comes from? Do you know where the word “tantalize” or “janitor” originated from? Many colorful words from our language are from the ancient Greek myths. To help you learn them, author Lise Lunge-Larsen has compiled a list of myths and facts about Greek mythology to explain how we got words from our modern language. Beautifully illustrated, Gifts From the Gods is a great addition to any library!

I loved reading this book, it was fun learning about some of these words’ origin. Time to chime in: What word’s origin story do you know of?

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2 Responses to Gifts From the Gods

  1. I know of the origins of some sayings, but not of particular words.

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