The Castle Behind Thorns

Today, I post on a book I read that was beautifully written by a great author, Merrie Haskell. I had read her book The Princess Curse before, but I recently found this and decided to read it.

Sand woke up inside the castle. Coming from the village next to the castle, he knows all the legends, yet he has no idea how he got inside. The “castle behind thorns” is well guarded and also in a state of despair that does not seem to have been caused by an earthquake Sand decides to explore, hoping to find the legendary treasury and set the place to rights. As he explores, Sand can see that strong magic was at work here. But whose? When Sand realizes he is trapped by the perilous thorns and must stay, he begins to fix the castle bit by bit. Frighteningly enough, the dead girl he found is now alive and well and the falcon he has carefully fixed is also alive! Could it be that Sand has magic? And if so, how will he and his new friend Perrotte escape?

Written lyrically and stunningly original, The Castle Behind Thorns is a wonderful read.  I highly recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! (-: I hope someone is as enthusiastic about my work someday.

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