The Writing Files: Location, Location

It is Wednesday! Today I explore a somewhat old topic on which I wanted to give you a fresh look.

There are some places to which you can’t help but be drawn. It’s natural for us to find that there are places we’d rather be. When it comes to creating, however, it’s important to have your own little writing nook or, in the case of my Pop, artist’s nook. What’s the key thing you’re looking for? Well, let us take you back to some old rules that really do rule:

1. Silence is golden. I know how much kids hate that one and, being one myself, I can’t stand it when an adult commands be to be silent. However, when creativity comes into the picture, the time has come to endure the silence and get to work.

2. Silence isn’t golden. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?  Some people naturally relax and work better when they’re in the middle of noise. This is the case of both my father and me. When simply being creative, it’s good to have a little music or a good radio show playing. For those who are writing mystery stories and enjoy the noise, listen to Box 13, a 40’s radio show starring Alan Ladd as the main character, or Dick Tracy. You might even be able to find a version of the famous Laura floating around somewhere. For fantasy writers, listen to some music such as the Harry Potter soundtrack or classic Disney music. Your creative juices should start flowing again.

3. Find adequate space for all materials. Just picture it. You’re working blissfully in the hot, cramped closet you call a study when- CRASH! Your research books come falling down because there’s too little room for them. Finding a suitable space for all your resources can be tough, but when in doubt, make your kitchen or other available room do double duty.

4. Anything goes. There’s no boundary line. Instead of confining yourself to one device (assuming you’re using electronic tools), work with whatever you have on hand. I tend to put all my current work on a thumb drive to move from device to device. This makes working easier because I don’t have to wait for someone else to get off the device on which my work is usually stored.

Time for you to chime in: What’s your work space look like?

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