The Writing Files: The Sky’s the Limit

It’s Wednesday, the middle of our second school week. Today I post on fantasy writing for all those writers with a magical flair.

Ever heard the saying “the sky’s the limit?” With writing, that’s a very untrue term. Because it is fantasy writing, there are so many possibilities that there is no limit. Or is there? When writing, you always want to make sure you know your world well and don’t step out of your own boundaries. If Cinderella gets glass slippers by giving her godmother glass, don’t make her remember finding the shoes with friends. You always want to be consistent in your writing. However, this doesn’t need to put a damper on the magical abilities of characters. You just need to make sure you know where to stop and where to start.

For fun, start a fun notebook project. Buy a blank notebook and decorate the cover. On the inside, you can start a kind of scrapbook. Write everything about your world down, from famous citizens to fashion to agi to the magical creatures that inhabit it! Doing this with family will make it even more fun as you all pitch in with great ideas!

On Friday I’ll post something a little different…

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