The Writing Files: Passion

Today, I was going to entertain you with a post on suspense again, but I felt convicted to write something for writers concerning your passion:

Everyone’s got a passion. For writers, your passion is channeled towards the work you love to write. Until recently, I was writing because I wanted to please certain people. I now realize that a writer writes best when they write what they’re passionate about. That’s not to say you won’t write something good if you’re not passionate about it. However, the thing you love will show how much you care about it. Artists of all kind pour their best into what they care about and it will show.

To writers, it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants. Have confidence in doing what you love and write what you love. Your audience will be able to tell that you put everything into it and they’ll love it too.

Until Friday, when I write on a wonderful series that I loved…

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5 Responses to The Writing Files: Passion

  1. Erik Conover says:

    Your passion is not that for which you do not have to work, or that for which the work doesn’t feel like work, but that for which you are willing to work – even when the work is grueling.

    -giving away free advice since 2014

  2. torytustin says:

    This is amazing. I’m so passionate about my writing, but even when I’m not passionate about the topic, I’m willing to put in the effort so that therefore says something about myself as a person and my love and connection I will always have to writing. Reading this kind of woke me up, it really made me realize how much of a writer I want to be. Well, journalist in the making, one can hope!

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