Comic Con 2014

Instead of my usual book review on Mondays, I’m posting a special interview: Every year my Pop goes to the Comic Con. He’s a talented artist who enjoys looking at others’ art. The Con is usually on his birthday week, so it’s his present to let him go.

Comic Con 2014

Comic Con 2014


Today, I got a chance to ask him some questions about the Con:

T: So Pop, what do you do first when you get to the Con?

Pop: If I get there early enough, and if they’re allowing badge pick up, I’ll go and get my badge.

T: How big is the building?

Pop: It’s a really large convention center. All the local stores advertise it because its in their city, although that might change. The Con is so crowded – they might move it to a different city because they’re running out of space.

2008 Events Guide Cover

2008 Events Guide Cover-Done by my Pop

T: Have you ever met anyone you know there?

Pop: Like friends? Yeah, I’ve run into people. I’ve also made some friends there.

T: What blockbuster movies have they announced there in previous years?

Pop: I don’t think they announce them. I think they preview stuff for movies that are coming out which we already know about. Sometimes the actors and directors will come and talk about it. Like, for the Hobbit they had huge booths with trolls. Star Wars always has a big booth. The big films and TV shows usually have a booth. For TV stations, it’s usually the new shows they advertise. Some booths allow you to participate in some activity. One was a virtual reality device where you put on a headset and stood inside and you have an experience of being in a tornado. They blew air in there to make it feel real, too.

Snow White at Comic Con

Snow White at Comic Con

T: What was one of your favorite attractions?

Pop: My favorite things are looking at art books and sometimes talking to artists, or maybe discovering new artists. A lot of artists who are promoting their art go to the Con. Artists who work for Disney or Pixar sometimes are there, and even though they’ve got a good job, they try to promote their own ideas, which is cool.

T: From the pictures and stories you bring back, it looks like a lot of people go in costume. What’s the most elaborate one you’ve ever seen?                                                             Pop: I don’t know. There are so many. There was one lady who had an electric walker and decorated it to look like a spaceship.  This year there was Mary Poppins and Burt, stormtroopers, and Snow White.

Comic Con

Comic Con

T: So what’s been your favorite costume that you’ve seen?

Pop: I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve never thought about it.

T: What’s your favorite comic booth?

Pop: Bud Plant. He sells a lot of art books that are hard to find. Every year, I usually stop at his booth and look around for something new to buy.

T: Last question. What is the last thing you usually do at the Con?

Pop: We’ll walk the whole floor and wait until it closes. Then we go across the street and grab some dinner. We avoid the traffic that way.

T: Thanks!

Pop: You’re welcome!

And that’s it for this year! Inspired to go see it for yourself next year? Yes? No? Maybe so? Have you ever been to the Con? Chime in and tell me what you think of it!

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  1. I wish I could have gone again. I did get to to to the one in Dallas though. 🙂

  2. trinitygrau says:

    Reblogged this on Little Reader Book Reviews & More and commented:

    Comic Con has passed once again! I decided to be lazy and repost my interview with my dad about the con.

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