The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of A Sleeping Beauty

Disney’s latest hit movie is now a book! We went to see the movie for my Mom’s birthday and enjoyed it immensely. I found this at the library recently. It was a good read that I wanted to share.

Long ago, before there even was Sleeping Beauty, there was Maleficent. When Aurora was not even a thought in her parents’ minds, Maleficent lived in the Moors, a fantastic fairie realm. Humans were forbidden to enter, until one day Maleficent discovers a human boy in the Moors. In the next few years, Maleficent will bond with the human. But the thing she prizes most will be taken from her and a curse born. Learn Maleficent’s side of the story.

I really enjoyed this book; it was an amazing read. For those who watched the movie, this is a little bit different, with insight into Maleficent’s past even before the movie’s beginning. Spoiler alert! This also tells the tale from Aurora’s and Knotgrass’ perspective, but never from Maleficent’s. Again, I do recommend this and hope to hear from other fans of this tremendous story.

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2 Responses to The Curse of Maleficent: The Tale of A Sleeping Beauty

  1. The film is one of my all-time favourites!! Who’s the author of the book? It sounds wonderful 😀

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