The Writing Files: Suspense

The Writing Files: Suspense

The Writing Files: Suspense

Every year my Pop goes to Comic Con. He’s a talented artist who enjoys seeing other talented artists and also helps me with my writing. He’s leaving today for San Diego, but before he goes, he got a quick chance to share with me some tips on writing suspense.

In writing a mystery, it could be like an Agatha Christie mystery. Quite honestly, there’s not much suspense to those, but it is a very puzzling mystery. Or you could write a 1940’s black-and-white-movie style, in which moments of suspense are thrown into the scene at random, just to add tension. What builds suspense? Well, it’s very much based on how good you are at describing something. By giving the moment detail, it seems more real and more likely to have an action scene going on in there. You also might want someone to be watching them sneak in nervously as in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window or a nervous narrative from the person sneaking in. To get more suspense tips, watch Rear Window which has plenty of those kind of moments thrown in there.

Tune back next Wednesday when Pop returns from the Con to share some more…

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