The Writing Files: Fan Fiction Winner!

Kingdom Keepers Winners Page

Kingdom Keepers Winners Page

Hi! This Wednesday, I have some exciting news! I was super excited to discover this!

Before you read further, I would like to point out that the characters in this sketch may dress or act inappropriately, but the characters are not my own and I’m just trying to be consistent with the books. While we might not always approve of a character’s behavior, a good story should have complex characters to help it be believable.

Ridley Pearson has a site, Kingdom Keeper Insider, for fans to enter fan fiction and look at stuff about the series. Every week, he chooses a winner out of hundreds of entries from weeks and weeks before. I was so amazed to find that my entry was selected as one of this week’s fan fiction! This rocks for me, because dozens of people will see this. My user Willa_EMH, was awarded for creativity by Ridley Pearson! My spine has shivers of excitement running up and down and I am so thankful for having been chosen!

Other Self (Maybeck FF Challenge)

Other Self (Maybeck FF Challenge)

To all of you other winners of this week’s fiction, great job! I congratulate you and hope to see more of your work.

Are you a Kingdom Keeper Insider? If so, do you write fan fiction and what has been  your favorite challenge so far?

Until Friday!

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4 Responses to The Writing Files: Fan Fiction Winner!

  1. dogfordavid says:

    congratulations! sounds exciting 🙂

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