The Writing Files: “An Eight Page Essay?”

"Writing An Eight Page Essay?"

“Writing An Eight Page Essay?”

Who here has ever liked writing reports? I see…lets see; is that a hand right there? No…oh, the little lady right-no…(in the spirit of fun, I do apologize if you find writing long essays on dreary subjects entertaining).

To answer my earlier question, most people do not like writing reports. There is something unlikable about the whole process. Many a dispute in our house has begun with having to write a long report or essay. (FYI: these are not the same things, if you’re wondering; an essay allows for more creative writing.) Why all this commotion? Let Professor T show you why:

Now girls and boys, I’m going to tell  you all about the fuss of writing the non-enjoyable things called essays and reports. Reports are strictly for exercising research skills. These are three pages, at least, and do not allow for any creative story ideas. They are a cut-and-dried kind of paper, so to speak. Essays are more creative and have less rules. I, personally, do not like to write reports because they usually involve a long process of research, writing names of books, authors, publication dates; writing and rewriting outlines; ditto with the actual paper. I usually spend a week or more on this; which, in my mind, does not improve my view of it.

Here’s the problem that I have with it: too much work. To me, I find writing a long paper on frogs, that nobody will ever read again, pointless and plainly frustrating. The amount of work does not frustrate me, it is the amount of effort put into such things as cards to tell you who wrote the books that you used and what date they were published in. It is technically proper recognition and I respect that, but I honestly don’t like having to do that when the cards themselves will just be stored with the report in a folder or thrown away. I also find that I don’t like having to write down what I just learned because it seems to me like useless repetition. I like learning as a rule, but why bother writing down what you learned?

Well, there you have it. There’s my point of view on this matter. What are your thoughts? Did you raise your hand? What do you like or dislike about writing reports and essays?

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