The Writing Files: On the Field

Today is Wednesday and that means writing! I apologize for my posts going up later than planned, but I hope you enjoy them. Today, I write on the less reviewed aspect of writing: writing articles, newspaper-style. It’s not often that I write articles. I used to when I was younger, but now I have turned my sights on creative writing. However, I do find that being a reporter is a position that I

Writing Gear

Writing Gear

wouldn’t mind having. I like being out in the field and writing about things that are going on in everyday life. Things happen all around us, and I like to record it all. For being out and about, a good notebook is needed. Luckily, I managed to find a good leather notebook to carry along, easy to jot down memorable quotes and notes. Already I’m working on my latest article for my self-run newspaper, Rocket News. I’ve been looking for some good formats to use to write the article, but so far, none have caught my eye. Photoshop is starting to look like the only good prospect. I am not terribly enthusiastic about this, because I’m an amateur with the application. Do you like writing your own newspaper-style articles? If so, what do  you use to write them and what do you write about?

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