Field Trips, Fun Projects, and Reading

Fridays are the golden opportunity because we usually have little to no school on this day which means we have plenty of time to kill!

Field trips are just the thing! A visit to the beach can be made into an educational experience by creating a helpful tide pool checklist of sorts. Type up a page of items you think you might find at the beach, add cool facts, and then hand them out to your kids. Now, they’ve got summer-y scavenger hunt! When they’re done, swim in the cool water! Here is an example:

A Tidepool Chart

A Tidepool Chart


Another thing we do is fun projects! Sewing, art, and creative writing are all competitions in the L.A. County Fair. Over the summer, until July, we work on our projects. This year’s theme is reading. For the last couple of years, this has been the case and it has proved to be a fun experience for all of us.

The last thing, is reading! There are reading programs going on all over! At out local library, the summer reading program is about to start! In fact, the kickoff is this Friday. The L.A. County Fair also offers a read-to-ride program, in which you read to get free ride tickets! (This is something we look forward to every year!)

Sound like a busy summer? What do you do over the long break?


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