Traveling Around the World

Summer school has officially begun! This week will be a run-down of our summer plans, with an exception for the writing files, and then we will get back to the regular schedule.

In previous years, we have been around the globe all while sitting at home. Every year, Mom cleverly picks out a few “destinations” and, over the course of the week, food, crafts, and fun photos help us to learn more about the place we’re ‘visiting’! So far, we’ve been all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

This year, we’re going to stay in our homeland: the U. S. of A.! Interested? Today, we visited the Pacific Coast; visiting these states: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. We got new passports and put them together, then listened to some Hawaiian music while sinking our teeth into Gold Rush sourdough bread. As we enjoyed that, Mom filled us in on the facts about all of these unique states! For example, Oregon is the beaver state and the only state to have a two-sided flag. Cool!

I had so much fun this morning. What amazing places have you been, either through actual travel or using your imagination?

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