The Writing Files: Inspiration Station

Inspiration Station

Inspiration Station

It’s Wednesday and here, in So Cal, it looks like we finally got cool weather when it has been steaming. Weird! As I write this, we are heading off to a field trip at the Apple store! Woo hoo!

Today I post on inspiration, what gets you into the mood. What inspires you? Is it music? Is it the rain pounding on the windows? Whatever your inspiration, what do you do with it?’

For me, inspiration is not just a thing that comes along and gives you a good idea. It’s a thing that comes along and takes your idea away, like paper on a breeze and takes your story to new heights. Whenever I get that burst of inspiration, I hold onto it for as long as I can. I listen to Box 13, an old radio show, while I type. I watch Humphrey Bogart or Dick Tracy or Allan Ladd in an old black and white film. As I work on my current novel, I find what is in accordance with my latest work. This is not to say that inspiration must be filed as THIS STORY ONLY in big red letters. My inspiration can be spread all over the place. However, what I attempt to do is do something that I know will inspire me. Here’s a tip:

Take your story and look at the characters. Create character pages, telling everything you know about them. Have Q & A sessions in your mind, so you can get to know them better. Print out, cut out, or draw out your characters and start writing! Use this inspiration station to help you get some new ideas!

Full of inspiration? What floats your boat on the Inspiration R.M.S.?

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3 Responses to The Writing Files: Inspiration Station

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  2. dogfordavid says:

    Thank-you for these tips 🙂

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