Bite-Sized Magic

And we’re officially on break! We’re currently relaxing, which is the best thing to do on break. Today I post on a much awaited and very much welcome book: Bite-Sized Magic. This is the third book in the Bliss series. I am very excited to present my book review to you:

Rose always wanted to know what it felt like to be famous. Now she knows and she hates it! To make matters worse, a new law has been passed, decreeing bakeries with fewer than a thousand workers are to be shut down. Rose loves baking and this new law sounds like the end of the world, not to mention just a little fishy. When she’s kidnapped and taken to a factory where they’re forcing her to create evil recipes that will turn people into ravaging slaves, Rose knows that by defeating Lily, she’s bitten off more than she can chew. As Rose tests recipe after recipe, she finds herself questioning whether she can handle this horrible new threat that’s coming to light. Is she really up to the challenge?

really enjoyed this book. I cannot wait until the fourth book, which I suspect will come out in a year or so. I am really anxious to read it and highly recommend this book. Until Wednesday, when I post on a new writing program…

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