Your Travel Guide To…

Welcome to Passport to History. You will be traveling through time and space to a whole new place in our past. As you plan your trip, this handy guide will help you every step of the way… Remember, you are going back in time to an unfamiliar culture.”

Ever wanted to travel back in time? Your Travel Guide To…. is the perfect series to take you back in time to places you’ve always wanted to see, including America’s Old West, Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Colonial America, Renaissance Europe and so much more!

From Lerner Publications Company, enjoy these books filled with useful facts and fun. Learn where to stay when ready to rest after herding cattle, find out what kind of  entertainment they offer at your favorite amphitheater, meet some of the greatest artists from olden Europe, or fire a platoon of arrows at oncoming warriors in South America! You name, we’ll show it. This is the ultimate travel guide for young scholars. The best part is that you are an interactive part, so as you read, helpful hints will compare your destination to the modern century.

Interested? Start planning your trip through history with one of these helpful guides! Chime in and tell me what your favorite destination would be!

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