The Writing Files: Typing Made Easy

If you read last week’s post, you will remember that I discussed the debate of typing or writing by hand. This week’s writing files is on learning to type well.

We all know how to type, in a way. Press a key and the correct letter shows up. However, if you’re going to type this way, chances are you’ll end up ‘chicken-picking’. There’s nothing wrong with ‘chicken-picking’. You could type fast and efficiently this way, if you wanted.

Typing Lessons

A better alternative is learning how to type the proper way. There are websites and games that offer ways to learn. The site my family has always used is Free Typing Game. It’s fast and easy, plus there are games to help increase your speed. Once you’ve learned the keyboard, you can practice your typing with tests. Depending on the test you choose, you get a print-out certificate to remember how well you’ve done.

All this typing will come in handy when you’re finally writing that novel. With the right words in mind, you can finish off a chapter in a few short minutes (give or take a few).

Ready to start typing? Which typing lesson do you use?

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