I could see the excitement mounting. A book, just on animals! As soon as her hand touched the pages, it was love.

Last year, Mouse got a Dorling Kindersley Animal Encyclopedia. We all liked flipping through to see if our favorite animals got their own page. I now bring you the world of Animalia:

This book is another outstanding DK book, with plenty of information for young animal lovers. Filled with full-page photos and action shots to show the animals’ anatomy, each entry has information to satisfy the curious brain. To add to the learning experience, there is a quick lesson on the classification, habitats, and other useful info for the young learner.

Interested? Not interested? What is your favorite animal?

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2 Responses to Animalia

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Interesting! I don’t have a favorite animal because I have a list of favorite animals instead. Cougar, Eagle and Wolf are my favorites. Not sure why mountain animals are my favorite, but it’s been this way ever since I could remember! Funny, I suppose. 🙂

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