Always Neverland

It’s time for another book review! Today I’m posting on a very magical book which I enjoyed immensely and highly recommend.

Always Neverland

Always Neverland

Have you ever wanted to go to Neverland; to fly around and meet Tinker Bell or The Lost Boys? Maybe not, but I have and still do. I recently found this book at the library which I gobbled up.

Ashley is your average girl. She likes to have fun and have her family around her. The only problem is her parents aren’t able to pick out a Christmas tree and finish winter decorating. Suddenly, her winter vacation seems a lot more boring at home by herself. Then one night, as she is wondering about the fate of her Christmas week, Peter Pan shows up. As the saying goes, the rest is history. Mermaids who do laundry, Peter Pan’s flowery house, and the magic of Pretend is just a small part of the events that follow Ashley’s landing on Neverland.

I don’t know how to recommend this better than to say I enjoyed it. Kids will love this action-packed, humorous twist on the magical world of make-believe.

What do you about the world of Peter Pan?

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