Another Night at the Museum

You never knew there was a book, did you? This is the sequel to the first book, A Night at the Museum, in which everyone’s favorite museum guard floods the city and swims with a whale.

Larry knows he must be crazy. Dinosaurs and animals coming to life! What next?

Another Night at the Museum

Another Night at the Museum

After a relaxing hour in the tub, in which he deduces that the previous night’s escapade must have been his imagination, Larry heads off to work. Tonight he guards the ocean exhibit.

What he doesn’t know is that the bath he previously took is about to result in New York being flooded and yet another exhibit coming to life. Care to find out what happens next? Read the book for a rewarding end.

I enjoyed finding out that there was a book based on a favorite movie and hope to post on more cool kids’ books for excited, new, younger readers.

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One Response to Another Night at the Museum

  1. klparry says:

    That is cool! I’ll have to read it. Thank you for visiting my blog and being so kind as to comment 🙂

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