The Writing Files: Readers Digest



The writing files have been cracked open again! Welcome back and prepare your pen and paper. It’s time to get creative.

Today I wanted to explore a theme that is a bit different. Reading. Readers constantly are exchanging one book for another, as they devour an unending stream of literature. As soon as one is finished there is another in your hand. For me, growing up is filled with a collection of books. My parents are always telling me to read; and read I do. The Narnia and Spiderwick series were both devoured within a year’s time. I choose anything and everything. Reading is a joy and a whole world of mystery. To this day, I read at least twenty books every week (approximately five novels, ten nonfiction books, and five picture books), not including school assignments. Of course, this is a family trait. We all are bookworms (this is a topic I’ve reviewed in the past).

What does this have to do with writing? Creative juices, my friends, creative juices. You see, many people admire creative beings: actors, singers, painters. The act of creativity is hard work for many, an idea that does not occur to many in the audience. For those of us who actually perform these actions, we understand that while it takes no effort to have imagination, it does take effort to put that imagination into words, music, paintings etc. Reading is a way for a writer to get the “juices” flowing again. When you remove the work and replace it with something for your mind to get into, you relax. We all need a break, even the people who work in socks and a cozy old sweater.

Read, read, read! Anything to relax you and make you laugh. Whatever you can get your hands on. Just pick it up and enjoy. Maybe put on a movie while you do so or listen to music. These are habits that can help. If you have a hard time sitting down and finding time to read, go back to old stories you’ve written and work on those. Using your imagination on other things is great.

That’s it for today. Hopefully, you’ll be revving up your car to depart for the library right now or grabbing something that you can relax with.  See you again next week and in the meantime, write on!

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