Sleeping Beauty’s Daughters

Welcome back! First off, I want to apologize for the long holiday break I took. I will try to keep up on my blog now that life is a little less hectic.

Sleeping Beauty's Daughters

Sleeping Beauty’s Daughters

Meet Aurora and Luna, daughters of the legendary Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is the vision of loveliness, exactly like her mother. Luna is the wild, yet intelligent, younger sister. “Once upon a time” begins when the two learn that the same curse that befell their mother now rests on Aurora’s shoulders. In a stunning series of events, the two will have to brave everything: quicksand, monsters, an evil enchantress, and the ever impending Sleep. The only problem is figuring out how to reverse the curse before Aurora’s eyes close forever.

This is another wonderful book by Diane Zahler, which I enjoyed immensely. Fans of her books will love to read this new and exciting version of a timeless classic.

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