The Writing Files: Getting It Done

The Writer's Files

The Writer’s Files

Welcome back! I’m hoping that Mondays will be a fun period where we can exchange writing tips!

Here is the biggest problem of writing history: getting it done. Why should this evolve into such a problem? Who knows? Some of the best books took years. There’s no shame in taking a long time. The real shame comes when you leave it hanging, never bothering to attempt a conclusion.

The greatest asset to the writer is his greatest enemy: creativity. Creativity helps the writer to get through everything, from cooking a good meal to writing the next big thing. So why the whole “enemy” thing? First off, creativity can take your story in a million different directions, leaving you confused and searching every option instead of writing. Secondly: when we get great ideas, what we want to do is follow them. I myself love to explore every new idea and novelty. This can be helpful, but when it comes to finishing, you need to set the idea aside. My suggestion is that you create an idea book, filled with ideas you can use for a later novel.

One of the second biggest problems is never figuring out what you are going to do. Are your heroes going to conquer their challenge? Will

Alice (this is just an example) find her way out of Wonderland? I find that I have multiple choices with every book. It is good to find a path that satisfies you!

Writers, hop in and add any comments that you find helpful! Readers, it would be great to hear what you want to see from the writing files! Until tomorrow…

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