The Writing Files: Writing the “Right” Way

I’ve done posts like this before, but today I am going to review this subject: writing the “right” way.

What is the “right” way to write? In the universal history of writing there has never been a right way to write (not including the grammatical point of view). Every writer writes to their own pace and tastes. For example, some people write in a structured way. They plot out the book, every chapter planned. Others write on the spur of the moment, putting pen to paper when they are inspired. Still others write because they have to; sometimes sloppy, other times well, depending on the person.

I find that too often people are put into categories (this does not apply to everyone), depending on the way they are and the way they do things. This should not go for writers or anyone else who takes interest in creative arts. In fact, I think that when referring to an artist (“art” can refer to music, literature, etc.), they should be known as “the author of” or “the artist of”, not someone who “wrote like so-and-so.”

This having been said, a writer needs to learn to write by his or her rules. Now sometimes it’s okay to take the advice of others (often it’s the best idea), but there are times when a writer has to strike out on his own and come up with things that work for his own interest. Depending on the type of person, you also have to find a writing style: structured (pages of plot outlines, plot trees, character files, chapter ideas), spontaneous (writing when the urge takes you), letting the story take on a life of its own (not knowing what is going to happen, enjoying the story like a reader, waiting in anticipation), etc. There are so many styles out there! The trick is finding something that works while keeping you happy, interested, and hopefully you (and your audience) on the edge of your seat.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you to death and maybe have inspired some would-be writers to get out there and go for it! A question for writers and readers: do you prefer a story when structured or written loosely*?

*”loosely” meaning letting the story taking on a life of its own.

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