The Thief Lord


I’ve written a lot of posts, sometimes on books I read years ago. Now I’m getting the chance to do that, with a book I was pretty sure I had posted on. However, it seems I haven’t done so. Well, if I haven’t then, I will right now….

Recently, I got a chance to get the Thief Lord movie and enjoy it. This reminded me of its book I had enjoyed so much back in the day. Cornelia Funke (the author of Inkheart and others) writes this young adult novel that intrigued me.

Prosper and Boniface are two brothers separated by the unfortunate death of their parents. One night, Prosper runs away, taking Bo and himself away from the orphanage and their relatives. They retreat to the beautiful city of Venice, in their eyes the magical city their mother has told them all about. Soon they meet a group of kids who live in an old theater, pick-pocketing to make a living. Life seems pretty good in their newfound home. What they don’t know and what they will know, can and will change their lives forever.

This was a book I enjoyed again when I borrowed it this last week. I recommend watching the movie, as it is something you will probably enjoy, but, hey, who am I to argue if you don’t? Till tomorrow…

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