At the Fair!

Hi! Once again I bring a report of my recent activities, this time from my “paper”, Rocket News:

The day of the fair came bright and early, with plenty of groans and moans to start the day. Breakfast was quickly gobbled or, in others’ case, not eaten at all and then we headed out into the heat. Ms. Noel Grau said, “The day is fun, although it’s really hot!” Together, though, the Grau family would make it through.

To begin, we headed over to the big barn and looked at a couple of animals, while sipping deliciously refreshing chocolate milk available at a stand in the back. Then we headed to the rodeo, enjoying a rocking horse ride and a bit of lassoing with a couple of “wahoo’s” thrown in.

There was the fun activity of searching and searching and searching for the competitions of each and every one of the Grau kids. The hunt is always fun, even if a bit long. This year, my story won Grand Prize in the sweepstakes! I am pleased to report that the judge (a published author) awarded me so highly.

Then it was time to walk the gardens and tire our feet before enjoying the rides. The animation exhibit was very exciting to see and I liked learning about some of the minds behind many popular cartoons. There was also an exhibition on the creatures of the sea, a lot of the exhibits were on sharks.

It was time to get to the rides! Our first idea was to go on our rides, but then we decided Joseph could get his turn first. We got to ride a bit with him and then we continued to the rides we wanted. Angelina and I rode G-Force, Noel joined us for a three-seater ride (kind of like Dumbo, only faster), and all got wet on the log ride.

After we ate, we split; us girls went to the princess area and Joseph went with Pop back to the animation center. Our last stop of the day was at the Prospector’s Stand, where Mom and Pop very generously allowed us to get an item of our choice.

2-pixels brasil together winner

Thank you so much to the people who helped make our day, and thank you Lord for such a wonderful trip.

Don’t forget to stop in at the fair for a little excitement and, hey; don’t forget to stop in here for my next post. See you next time…

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