The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore

Written by Kate Addison, The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore is a novel I highly recommend!


Charlotte is known as the logical, unbeatable Hong Kong checkers champion, daughter of Queen Victoria’s Royal Surgeon. She lives in the palace, where she is surrounded by amazing things. Yet Charlotte has a secret, one that she intends to keep: her fencing. For her, midnight brings the delicious hours of freedom in which she, Benjamin the stable boy, Peter the young would-be policeman, and Jillian the sister of Peter, can spend time together.

On the night that Peter has returned from a tropical adventure, disaster strikes and the three friends (Jillian, Peter and Charlotte) are bitten by rabid dogs. Charlotte and her friends must strike death, before it strikes them.

In a voice that will reach out to the reader, The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore is a must for any fantasy/steam-punk reader.

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2 Responses to The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore

  1. nobleblogs says:

    I will have to see if my library carries this.

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