Wednesdays in the Tower

From Jessica Day George comes the second part of Princess Cecelia’s adventures. Wednesdays in the TowerFor all fans of George’s Tuesdays at the Castle, this is something sure to please.

Celie loves her castle. She’s drawn countless picture upon picture of every corridor, hall, room, and tower in the castle. Now she’s surprised to find that the castle is doing weird things, like bring the holiday feasting hall when it’s not anywhere near the holidays.  Plus, she’s discovered a roofless tower with an egg. She can’t tell where the egg came from, or why it’s there, but it is. The young princess doesn’t know why the castle brought it here, but she trusts it has a reason. That is, until the egg hatches and suddenly she becomes worried about what she to do with the thing inside…or the castle.

This was a great book that I enjoyed reading. The only drawback is that the reader is left at a cliffhanger. I suppose this means that another book will be coming out. I can’t wait to see what Thursday (no not tomorrow) holds for the royal family of Glower…

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