Schoolwork, Boredom, and a Dictionary

ImaginaryPlacesThe summer has ended. School hasn’t been boring so far, actually (although I’m not going to include math, of course). Our year seems like it’s going to be rather interesting, as a matter of fact. I can’t wait to begin science and history, although if I had a choice I’d put a stop to my two-and-a-half pages of math! Ah, well; unfortunately I don’t get to choose. Besides it isn’t that bad.

Today I post about a book that has no relation to school or learning at all. The Dictionary of Imaginary Places is a collection of the most amazing, fantastic, made-up places found in literature/lore. A month back, Pop got me the revised edition which has added entries to make your journey a bit more thorough. There are also well illustrated maps that depict many destinations including C. S. Lewis’ Narnia, Frank Baum’s Oz, Norton Juster’s Dictionopolis and Digitopolis, J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and other famous locations. In this book, there is a home for everybody.

From old books, to musicals, to castles right out of legends, comes entries to fill a dictionary that is something you’ll enjoy reading.

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2 Responses to Schoolwork, Boredom, and a Dictionary

  1. dogfordavid says:

    sounds really cool 🙂

  2. trinitygrau says:

    Thanks, it is really cool to read! Also, if you’re looking for some hard “facts” this is a great place to start your fictional journey! Hope you enjoy reading it!

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