Just a Little Taste

Today I post on a little story I’ve been working on.

The main character is a girl who has moved into a boring old town. She doesn’t think life can become more dull and figures that the rest of the summer with her grandmother will be this way. One day, she finds something that she guesses will “spice” up the summer in her grandmother’s attic. Suddenly, the town of Dinkley has gotten a lot more challenging – and magical. Here’s a small piece for you to sample:

My first day in Dinkley was hot and dry. Grandmother came to pick me up. The only time I had seen her was in a photo album at our house. She didn’t look much different from the pictures, except for the slacks and white hair. “Nice to see you, Jessica. Your mother fine?” I nodded lightly to her. We got into the car and drove away from the airport. The road was deserted, with houses in the distance. After a couple minutes we turned down a long drive to a colonial red-brick house. I hoped my Grandmother’s house would be more interesting than the rest of Georgia proved to be so far. There was a traditional BBQ lunch set out, complete with corn and biscuits. I sat down, ate, then  stood up. Grandmother looked up, smiled and nudged her head in the direction of the stairs. I found a room with golden wallpaper waiting for me and started to unload my backpack. As I began to put my shirts away, I heard a weird thumping from above my head. I looked up. The noise stopped every few seconds then began again. I didn’t know what it was at that moment, but my summer got a lot more interesting because of it.



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4 Responses to Just a Little Taste

  1. wr1ghtlexi says:

    I am already captivated! Cannot wait to have my own copy once this story is finished! 🙂

  2. Trinity,
    Your writing is clear and rings true. A lot of talent for someone your age! Keep it up. Thanks for visiting my blog. Would you like to be a guest and post one of your stories or poems on my blog? I’d love to feature you if are willing.

    • trinitygrau says:

      Thanks for the compliment. Your posts were very inspiring. I’d love to be a guest on your blog and am very grateful that you would ask. I hope that I can put something up that you will enjoy.

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